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We are a team of educationalists with over twenty years’ experience in learning design and training solution development.

ETRAIN Consulting was founded in 2012 by Mathew Balic.  It quickly became a leading firm in the provision of training advice and instructional design services to companies in the resources, construction and telecommunications industries.

In 2013, ETRAIN Consulting broadened its suite of services to eLearning design and development - notable clients include News Limited and Barrick Gold.

The company rapidly diversifies its services into the development of 3D training simulations, winning projects with the Australian Federal Government's Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research (DIISTRE) and Barrick Gold.  The company's 3D simulations are ground-breaking, becoming the first training of its type to be used by Barrick.

In April 2014, ETRAIN Consulting changes its name to ETRAIN Interactive Pty Ltd and launches a world first – online, subscription-based training simulations.

Today, ETRAIN Interactive partners with some of Australia’s most respected universities, TAFEs and Registered Training Organisations to deliver engaging and effective trades and technical training online.

ETRAIN Interactive Pty Ltd (ETRAIN) is a private company based in Adelaide, South Australia.

ETRAIN Interactive is comprised of the following:

  • ETRAIN Interactive Pty Ltd (Australia)
  • ETRAIN Interactive Asia (Pvt) Ltd (Sri Lanka)

In 2014, the company established a wholly owned subsidiary, ETRAIN Interactive Asia (Pvt) Ltd, to gain access to the growing demand for Australian training and qualifications in South Asia. The subsidiary is based in Sri Lanka.

The main function of ETRAIN Interactive Asia is to:

  • provide quality, cost-effective and scalable IT development;
  • add reach to the Company, from a business development and marketing perspective, into the South Asia market.

ETRAIN Interactive Asia (Pvt) Ltd is based in the World Trade Center East Tower, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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Mathew Balic

Mathew Balic [ Managing Director ]

     Mathew has been a highly sought after learning and development consultant for over 15 years, working with a number of S&P/ASX 200 listed companies during that time. With ETRAIN Interactive, his dream is to see his ideas as products that improve the quality of training around the world.

Anthony Fogarty

Anthony Fogarty [ Non-Executive ]

    Legally trained, Anthony has for over 15 years provided resources and support to many organisations around the world, helping to improve their strategic planning, governance, economic development and training programs.

Rob Kerin

Rob Kerin [ Non-Executive ]

    Rob is a former Premier of South Australia. He has served as Minister for Natural Resources, Minister for Regional Development and Minister for Minerals and Energy. Rob is Chairman and Executive Officer of Regional Development South Australia, Executive Chairman of Primary Producers SA and member of the SA Economic Development Board.


Jeffrey </br>  Gunningham

  Gunningham [ Non-Executive ]

    Jeff has a wealth of leadership experience in vocational education and training and higher education, both in Australia and internationally. Until recently, he was the Chief Executive of TAFE South Australia.  He has also been the CEO of three other TAFE colleges in Australia; Swansea College, one of the largest further and higher education colleges in Wales, and Higher Colleges of Technology in the United Arab Emirates.

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